"In the summer оf 2015 I took a series of private classes and seminars with Vania that profoundly changed the way I dance and experience tango. All the lessons were both very useful and entertaining at the same time. She focused on the embrace, the connection between the partners, managed to spot subtle problems in my balance and movement and to explain those with words that actually made sense to me. After working on the corrections and recommendations she gave me I started dancing with much less effort and enjoying tango more that ever before. Some figures that appeared to me impossible to accomplish began looking manageable or even easy. I'm very much looking forward to our next lesson.

Boyko A.

Vania improved my tango more in one private lesson than years of weekly classes. I love her direct communication style. She can pinpoint your issues and works with you in multiple ways, telling, showing, and letting you execute until you successfully understand.

Lisa A.

Great dancer, excellent teacher, super DJ!

Horst M.

Vania is an excellent, very gifted tango dancer and teacher ! I would recommend her to anybody who wants to improve quality, technique and musicality in their tango. Vania is an astute observer, she notices any little mistake and offers precise instructions in how to correct a certain problem. I felt constantly challenged to improve and I practiced more focused than ever before. I had the pleasure in having Vania for private classes at a kind of advanced level (after 7 years) and I still wish Vania had been my teacher when I was a beginner because she wouldn't have let me get away with bad habits! That being said she would be a perfect choice for a beginner student and very beneficial to an experienced dancer who wishes to reach the next level of smooth, blissful dancing! To Vania with much appreciation for all your help and expert advise.

Antje R.

The San Diego Festival has been very lucky to have you bring beautiful energy full of talent, warmth and elegance.

Yak S.

Vania's classes are wonderful. She dances the lead and follower roles with personality, connection, and quality and her teaching works to bestow these qualities in her students. From the last workshop, I am personally happy. I knew something was missing in my molinetes for years. They have improved, the leaders I danced with think so too :) Woohoo!

Shiau M.

Vania has an innate sense of the tango, how to express herself within it (in both roles and high heels, as I also do in my own style.)Because she has worked hard to achieve her own perfection, she has the unique tools to dance and teach all people in all roles in a variety of languages (all at once). It was a pleasure to invite her twice to Rīga, where members from all segments of our community, from beginners to DJs to teachers, found great value in the simplicity and accuracy with which she could work on this complex dance. All of us, myself included, were inspired and will be pleased to welcome her back for each subsequent visit.

Jamie R.

Dear Vania, so many thanks for your insightful, compassionate, effective FUN workshop this weekend. You got right to the heart of so many things, creating space to be responsive, centered, and collaborative. Loved every minute!

Barbara C.

Vania teaches technique focused classes that incorporate the latest ideas of Tango theory into simple steps that even a beginner can grasp. Breaking the fourth wall, I have been to many classes that claim to be for "all levels", but they almost invariably end up catering to the lowest common denominator. Vania starts with a simple sequence that any beginner can grasp and adds subtle nuances that can improve the technique of any advanced dancer.

Barron G.

I place high value on body mechanics and quality of movement in tango. Vania's teaching builds this through increasing body awareness and what changes to work on. I appreciate that Vania is a no-nonsense instructor. Her teaching is clear. Lastly, I resonate with Vania's dedication to teaching, to learning, and to building the dance community.

Mary Anne S.

Vania Rey is a very keen observer when it comes to gauging the learning and progress of her students. She puts in a lot of hard work herself at teaching and expects her students to absorb all of what she is teaching. Vania's style is very unique as I perceived. She puts a great deal of emphasis on understanding the bio-mechanics of the different movements and the participation of each and every muscle. Learning Tango from Vania has been a wonderful experience and I wish to learn more from her. She is a great dancer herself, and strives hard to not only develop each and everyone of her students, but also cares a lot for building a healthy and thriving Tango community wherever she goes to. Vania is an asset for the world of Tango and I wish her all the best !!!!

Sambuddha C.

Vania, thanks for your fun workshop in Salt Lake City. You have a great way of adapting the contents to different levels of dancers. I also like how you have everyone both lead and follow. We hope you will come teach in Utah again soon.

Kristen D.

Jacqueline G.

I think, more than any other established tango teacher, you’re engaged in learning from your students. Lessons with you feel like a collaboration and not a lecture. It’s rare and special to be able to both validate a student’s previous effort and offer suggestions for their path forward. More than how to move my body or hear the music I hope to learn that skill from you. Thanks!

Bob Z

I've been having crazy back and neck pain lately after dancing tango. One private lesson with Vania Rey and I feel my back is back. The technique she worked on, fixing every muscle like a bioengineer body mechanic! (yes, she knows names of every muscle and joint!). Walking is effortless. Can't really describe in words but she's a magician. Highly recommend a lesson with her!