Short Bio

Vania embarked on her tango-teaching journey in 2002 in Berlin, Germany. After being invited to teach in New York City in 2005, she decided to make North America her new base. Since that time, Vania has traveled to teach and DJ tango in over 50 cities across 3 continents, in communities large to small, freshly-established to deeply-rooted, teaching tango in 4 languages.

Highly-respected and almost equally accomplished as both leader and follower, Vania has performed around the world with over 50 different partners, with women as well as men, in both roles. Her greatest strengths as both a dancer and a teacher are her versatility and range, traits gleaned and continually developed on her own tango journey, through years of experience dancing and teaching a wide variety of styles. So whether you want to work on leading that tricky sequence of overturned back-sacadas for your upcoming nuevo-tango performance, or simply want to feel more free in your own body and beautiful when you stand, Vania’s dedication and careful attention to detail can help guide you there.

Regardless of the class topic, as an instructor Vania emphasizes techniques which are universal in helping both leaders and followers, either as individuals or as couples, achieve more comfort, stability, and ease of movement in the dance.

Long Bio

I love thinking, I love teaching, and I love tango. That's why I've been working to help people improve their tango, almost since the beginning of the century (Thank you for that expression Robin Thomas!).Through working for so long both on my own and on other people's tango, I feel as though I've become many things: I am a tango detective - I walk into private lessons thinking, "How can I help this person in their quest?" I watch them dance. I feel them dance. I look for what's missing, or why things aren't working, and then I search for ways to help them solve the puzzle.I am a tango fisher - I keep casting my hook from all directions into the same pond, until I catch the elusive fish. Everybody thinks, imagines, and feels differently. That's why I explain the same concept in many different ways: I talk about body alignments, about the physics and bio-mechanics of a movement, I make sounds and I give images of what the movements should look or feel like, I prop people and guide them with my hands in different directions, until I find a way to get through to my students, until they understand exactly what I want from them, until the "Aha" moment arrives.I am a tango well - I never give the same class twice, even when the class title is the same. I walk into every class with an idea, one which takes shape according to who is in class. The skills and growth potentials of the students in that particular class define what exercises will be done, and where exactly my idea will lead.I am a tango student and tango thinker - I travel to Buenos Aires annually to dance and take classes there daily. I cooperate with teachers from around the world, and talk with them about their concepts of tango. I keep educating myself in other movement techniques like Gyrotonic, Alexander technique, yoga, and more. I also study anatomy. In this manner my understanding of the dance continues to develop and deepen, as I keep examining my own practices, in a search for clearer and more effective ways to teach.I am a tango psychologist - I help couples recognize and work out their issues so they can dance better together. I lead my students towards becoming more self-reflected people in general, while building their confidence, and bringing out the best in them.Having danced since the age of 9, I consider good technique the base of the dance. If a house is built with slanted walls and badly hung doors, no amount of beautiful paint or changes in perspective will make it a comfortable living space. Instead, once one knows the geometry and the physics of building a house, one can add as many rooms as they want. This is the reason why my main focus in class is on technique. I've chosen to be the type of teacher that shows students how to become good builders. In addition, I often connect technique with the layer of musical expression.I started teaching tango in 2002 in Berlin, Germany where I was earning a bachelor's degree in finance. In 2005 I was invited to teach in New York City and decided to make North America my new base. Since 2012 I've been traveling regularly to teach and DJ tango around the world. I have so far worked in over 45 cities on 3 continents, while teaching tango in 4 languages - Bulgarian, German, English, and Spanish. In most of my trips I teach alone, since I am almost equally accomplished as both leader and follower. I have performed around the world with over 50 partners - men and women. Some of the dancers I have taught and/or performed with include Jorge Torres, Junior Cervila, Ney Melo, Robin Thomas, Murat Erdemsel, Alexis Rosen, and Constantin Rueger, as well as Jennifer Olson and Katherine Gorsuch.