Tango lessons

To me tango is a life long journey of personal growth. Developing one’s tango happens through developing a consciousness about and connection to our own bodies. It happens through facing and overcoming our fears and weaknesses, through having empathy, and through continuous self-reflection.

To me, my job is to be the best guide possible for my students on their journey, for which I never stop working on my own development. I am currently based in Austin, Texas, where I support the growth and development of the Austin Tango Community in the best way I know how - by teaching weekly group tango classes and private tango lessons, and organizing a monthly milonga.

Private lessons: a 60 min class is $100 at my studio in Austin, or $120 at a different location, and when traveling.



DJ Milonga 'Uno' - Masquerade Theme! in Austin, TX
Teaching + DJ @ San Diego Festivalito Sin Nombre in San Diego, CA
DJ + Privates at Queen City Tango Marathon in Charlotte, NC
Workshops + DJ in Salt Lake City in Salt Lake City, UT
Teaching and DJ-ing at Tucson Tango Festival in Tucson, AZ
December 2022